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Guidelines proposal



  • We should use English as much as possible. Contributors will not feel like they belong to this community if we start speaking other languages. English is the language of international free software projects. How do you feel when you stumble upon answers written in a language that you don't understand in the middle of a support forum? The answer is here, but you cannot use it because someone didn't make the effort to use English. I am not a native speaker either, but I am ready to make this effort for the success of the project.


Let's make FreeHealth an Evidence Based Health Record:


  • code should be 100% English
    • variables, strings, comments, documentation
    • non-English acronyms, proper nouns, brand names should be explained in English and used in comments and code documentation only eg: “Carte Vitale” is a smartcard used in France for health insurance and identification, variables, members functions could be named “InsuranceSmartCard” or “SmartCard” but not “CarteVitale”. This code could be reused for other countries or purposes.
  • make the code easily forkable
    • avoid hardcoding branding, project names, url: eg let's use “EHR_UPDATE_URL” instead of “FREEHEALTH_UPDATE_URL” for the constant and “/ehr-update.txt”, not “freehealth-update.txt” for the update check url


FreeHealth is about free and open source software. Private initiatives that respect the GPL license and that are committed to share their improvements or additions to the code will get full support from us.

You are free to fork and modify the code and to make profit out of it, as long as you respect the GPLv3 (this includes publishing the source code online if your software is available online).

If you want active help and support from FreeHealth devs, you will also have to share code with upstream, on our public repositories. FreeHealth institutional and private users need professional services. Businesses that provide those services are adding value to the platform. Individual developers or companies that contributed significantly to FreeHealth will be listed on the website and users will be encouraged to contact those significant contributors for professional services and support.

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